# What is *tabula*? Tabula is a GIS (geographic information system) web application used to project continuous data (called indicators) onto a geographical region. Currently it only supports Portugal's mainland and archipelagos. ## What does it do, really? As an example, the following cartographic map was obtained feeding into *tabula* public data from [Instituto Nacional de Estatistica](https://www.ine.pt/). It depicts purchases using points of sale (€) by geographic localization (data pertains the year of 2017). <img src="http://brunomnsilva.com/tabula/tabula_all_municipality_25-05-2018.png" alt="tabula cartographic map" style="width: 100%;"/> ### Data segmentation and projection Tabula allows you to define the number of intervals you wish to segment your data; by default it projects the values by [quantiles](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Quantile), but you can set up your own intervals. ### Geographic region You can select only an area of interest for the cartographic map. ### Color scales Tabula provides 11 different color scales, some of which are appropriate for colorblind people. ### Interactive maps You can also use the *explorare* feature, which projects the data onto an interactive map: <img src="http://brunomnsilva.com/tabula/explorare.png" alt="tabula cartographic map" style="width: 100%;"/> ### Screenshots You can see live screenshots [here](http://tabula.brunomnsilva.com/screenshots/). ## Can I try it out? Sure! Just follow [this link]( https://brunomnsilva.shinyapps.io/tabula/) and use the following credentials: * Username: demo * Password: demo Be aware that the demo version only allows the generation of *png* images with a watermark. ## How can I use it? It depends on how you intend to use it. ### For academic purposes If you intend to use it solely for academic purposes, contact me and I'll set up your own credentials for the *full* version, i.e., generates *png* and *pdf* cartographic maps without any watermarks. Please note that the *academic* version is hosted on *shinyapps.io* and it's subject to processing caps. I cannot guarantee its availability. Contact must be made throught your institution's personal email address. However, you **must** provide attribution to the *tabula* application, including the app's webpage address. #### Attribution example **Cartographic maps generated with *tabula* - http://tabula.brunomnsilva.com** ### For comercial purposes If you intend to use it for creating cartographic maps with the intent of publishing and/or distributing them, related to any comercial purpose, please contact me. ##Contact You can contact me at: brunomnsilva@... (google mail account) <img src="http://brunomnsilva.com/tabula/tabula_logo_dark.png" alt="tabula logo" style="height: 150px;"/>